Poetry is a great way to express grief. In the first months after the initial shock of my mom’s death subsided, I felt like I needed a way to “let go” of all the pain the I let build up inside me. I wasn’t sure how to do that until I read The Dark Interval: Letters on Loss, Grief, and Transformation (Modern Library Classics).
I cannot even begin to tell you how much the poetry in this book helped me. And even to this day, I still read it whenever I’m feeling really depressed, and need to let out a good cry. We all know that grief is very complicated and painful. Poetry can help to capture those feelings associated with grief that are otherwise hard to express. And poetry can be a great way to release our pain and emotion in healthy ways so that we can heal faster. I encourage you to check out some of these poems below. And feel free to leave a comment or share with a friend.

  • Where You’ll Find Me
  •  The Real Meaning of the Holidays
  • Grief Poetry: The Next Chapter
  • Thanksgiving Poem: Thankful.
  • New Poem: The Sound of Your Voice
  • Grief Poetry: The Sign
  • Grief Poem: An Old Photograph of My Mom
  • New Poem: The Reason
  • Mother’s Day Poetry: A Mother’s Love

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