Mother’s Day Poem: Guardian Angel

I tried as hard as I could to be there,

To say good-bye to you,

God knows I wasn’t prepared,

For what I was about to lose,

If you could have just held on,

For one last time ,

To see you smile before you

Took your last breath,

Now, you left me with a broken heart

That is too broken to repair,

Although time heals all wounds,

This wound will always be here,

Though weakened it may be.

Mom, I still really miss you every day,

And though at times I feel lost,

You are my angel and in a way,

you ignite within me a spark,

 that keeps me going,

Despite this broken heart.

While I’d give anything to have you back,

I understand that God had a plan,

While it doesn’t make sense to me now,

I have faith that one day it will,

Mom, I hope you are at peace,

And continue to be there for me

As I continue this journey of life,

That can only get better,

Now that you are my Guardian Angel.


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