Grief Poem: An Old Photograph of My Mom

The other day I discovered an old photograph of my mom taken when she was around my age. I had totally forgotten about it until I found it inside an old notebook I had from high school. What a surprise! I decided to write about the experience in this poem. Enjoy.

The Photograph

Today, I found a photo of you,

When I was cleaning out my room,

When I opened my desk drawer,

And searched a little more,

Your picture was right there,

An answer to my prayers!

Now I realize you were with me the whole time,

Maybe it is heaven’s sign,

That you in fact have never left my side?


In the picture you were young,

Perhaps, just under  21!

Your hair was also really long,

And you looked so vibrant & strong.

You were beautiful,

And always smiling as usual.


Seeing your photo made me miss you even more,

Cause you were everything I could ever ask for,

Now all I have is your memory,

And this photo that I will keep

To remind me of your beauty

And the love you gave to me,


‘And until the day we meet again,

I pray that you are always with me,

Guiding me and protecting me,

and helping me to reach my dreams.


Thank you, Mom, for always being there,

I love you,



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