Grief Poetry: The Real Meaning of the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us,

Through all the hype and all the fuss,

I try not to take my mind away,

From the true meaning of the holiday:


To love our family and  our friends,

A love measured not by how much we spend,

But by how happy we make them feel,

When we are with them this year,


To many, this is a season of giving,

Giving of gifts and reminiscing,

Of years passed and memories shared.

But for some it’s also a season of despair.


A longing for a time in the past

When everything we loved seemed to last,

Now that a special person in our life has gone,

We must somehow find the strength to move on,


To a world that seemed to have lost its way,

I ask that you do one thing this holiday:


Cherish the time you have on this earth,

And spend it with those who matter the most

Don’t forget to be happy and always follow your heart,

Because our time here is far too short.


Happy Holidays!



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