Grief Poetry: Coming Home

american back view burial cemetery
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Here I stand motionless, afraid and alone

Asking you to please come home.

I never had the chance to tell you good bye.

And to God  I often ask “why?”

Despite my desperate pleas I get no answers,

Only feelings of overwhelming stress and anger.

Without you, how will my life go on?

Because back to your memory I am always drawn.

As the years pass my heart still yearns,

For the day when you will return.

Home to me is where you belong,

Where you can rest safely in my arms,

My time with you was short-lived,

and as I look back life with you was a gift,

A gift that I will always cherish,

And until the day when I too shall perish,

I will love you with all my being,

you are and will forever be my everything.


american back view burial cemetery


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