Signs from a Loved One

After losing someone we love we seek comfort in knowing that they are in a better place and still somehow looking out for us. When we are grieving we may experience signs that our loved one is close and  trying to communicate with us in some way. At first, we may interpret those signs as just our subconscious mind trying to process our pain. However,  those signs may leave us feeling differently, as if our loved one just paid us a visit. Therefore, we have reason to believe they are in fact trying to talk to us to let us know they are ok.

Here are some common signs you may experience from a loved one:


Many people who have lost loved ones have dreams of their loved that are so real they seem like hallucinations. Oftentimes their loved one appears in the dream surrounded by a bright white light. If you ever have a dream of your deceased your loved one try to write down everything you remember about the dream as soon as you get up. Usually they are trying to send you a message while you are in your most vulnerable state.


A random visit from an animal — such as a bird, butterfly, or stray cat — should not go ignored. It may happen at a time when we feel the most upset or lonely. Oftentimes our loved one has sent us this animal  to reassure us that they are with us.  So next time you get a visit from a stray cat know that it could mean your loved one is close by!

3. Familiar Scents

Reminders that are loved one is with us may come in the form of familiar smells or scents. Did your loved one smoke?  Did you recently smell cigarette smoke while you were by yourself or driving in your car?  Was the smell so faint that you’d thought you were imagining it? It could have well been your loved one letting you know of their presence.

And Many More!

A couple months after my mother died I saw  a double rainbow appear just above me in the sky while driving home after work. What was so unusual about the rainbow was that it came at a time when I was feeling the most depressed. After I saw the rainbow, however, I experienced an overwhelming sense of calm as if my mom was right there with me.  To this day I believe that rainbow was a sign from my mother. I wrote about the experience in the poem, “The Rainbow” featured at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

The Rainbow

by Allison

blue and orange light projeced on left hand of person
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on

Red, yellow, green and blue

Are the colors I see come through,

They fuse together into a work of art,

A rainbow, a short-cut to your heart.

Now that your gone

How will I find the strength to move on?,

Like a rainbow you too swiftly faded away,

But the sky still shines from the beauty you displayed.



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