Grief Poem: Where You’ll Find Me

Another book I recommend if you are grieving is The Art of Losing: Poems of Grief and Healing.   I also found inspiration to write grief poems from reading this book and others (see Poems for more book suggestions) as a way of coping with the pain of losing my mom that at times felt overwhelming. This poem was written about two years after she died in response to an unexpected “vision” I had of my mother in a dream. This grief poem also talks about how her visit to me filled me with a profound sense of comfort and reassurance in the recent weeks and months following her death. For more books and poems on grief visit  Top 5 Books on Grief. 


I saw her in a dream,

And she looked at me,

In her tender eyes I saw a future,

A future filled with love and joy,

Through her gentle touch, I found a peace,

A peace that only a mother can give,

And while the Angels called her back,

I will not forget what she said to me,

“I love you more you will ever know, just believe,

And you will see.

Do not be afraid for I’m always with you.

And until that day we meet again, follow the plan

He has set for you, and be true to yourself.

Where you find yourself, you will find me.”



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